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OOO "Solis" is a Russian company established in 1988 as international agricultural consultants specializing in developing Russian market for new varieties of agricultural crops on commercial basis.

Our final goal is to develop outstanding crop solutions of world-leading agribusiness companies for Russian growers and processing companies.

We have been active on the market for 15 years already thanks to our profeesional employees who are responsible for trials, importation, stock and delivery of a large quantity of samples, as well as sale of commercial lots of seeds. Now we are a service and trading company.

From the very beginning we had three main principals in our work:

  • Independence;
  • Neutrality:
  • Quality.

Independence: "Solis" is a private company, we are independent of any Russian or foreign state, social and commercial structures;

Neutrality: "Solis" has no preferences to any of our partners and we never act as exclusive agents; the main priority in our business relations with foreign partners - their intention to work on the Russian market for a long time and high quality of their products.

Quality: "Solis"'s main task is to develop for Russian market the best varieties of agricultural crops, meeting the demands of Russian growers. Only high quality seeds, produced at the world-leading plants with innovative solutions are welcome to Russia through our assistance.

We are open for business cooperation and always ready to offer you our services!


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