Services :: sorghum, sugar and fodder beet hybrids, varieties of wheat, barley, oats, alfalfa rapeseed and vegetable crops

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Our services are the following:

  • Import to Russia of crop varieties for production aims, which are not included in the Russian official list, is not allowed. According to the Russian State Variety Board rules, there should be a Russian resident mediator entrusted by a foreign breeding company and accepted by Russian authorities to fulfill actions necessary for achieving registration of a foreign variety. So we act as such a mediator and by now achieved registration of about 50 maize, 20 sunflower a number of sorghum, sugar and fodder beet hybrids, varieties of wheat, barley, oats, alfalfa rapeseed and vegetable crops. At the moment we are working on registration of over 30 new varieties of different agricultural crops.

  • Official trials and varieties' registration is a long process lasting 2-3 years demanding large expences. We and our foreign partners are not allowed to make a mistake in choice of varieties to offer to Russian customers. "Solis" provides recommendations on trial regions based on analysis of a variety potential in agroclimatic conditions of Russia, demand for a designated crop and competition with other breeders and seed producers.

  • Registration is a first step necessary mainly to recieve import permit. Next step is to help our partners to develop a variety at this market and to promote the breeding company. There are more than 250 maize hybrids on the Russian list and a new hybrid is always a difficult choice for customers. As a part of developing and promotion process we start buying at our expence seed of a variety in question and deliver seed to Russian partners who agree to take "a cat in a sack" from us. If a foreign seeds- breeding company is in a position to offer bigger quantities of seed we can act as their sales represantative or agent.

  • To Russian companies interested in aquisition of large lots of seeds without agent's servicies, we offer our asisstance in making direct contracts with forign seeds-breeding companies.
Professional strategy of products promotion espesially of not popular demand, but expensive seeds is very important. We are looking forward to success of our foreign partners in the Russian market and ready to assist in it, providing all the necessary service.


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